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Who We Are?

EtheeEq SEO Services – High professional SEO Service is offered to you by the team of SEO professionals with loads of experience and proven track record. We offer top Google rankings at very affordable prices.

Who is Our SEO Manager ?

Theeban Lingam,
B.Sc (Hons) in Computing & Business, M.B.A

Our team is lead by Mr. Theeban, a passionate search engine optimisation engineer, successfully consulted many SEO projects online and gained huge amount of experience in search engine optimisation industry.

Mr. Theeban had completed his degree in computing and business from the London Metropolitan University. And, he had completed his Masters of Business Administration from the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

As SEO consultant, Mr. Theeban has been working with various clients from UK, USA, Australia & Europe and has many successful SEO projects with very happy clients.

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Why do you need to hire SEO services?

It is very obvious that you can find SEO consultants or SEO companies in your local area or you can do search engine optimisation for your site by yourself. But….

If you are doing SEO by yourself :

You have to invest more time on learning and then applying – You may not have time to do so, as you have various other business processes to take care of.

You should have good knowledge about SEO as well as more experience on handling various often changes of search engine algorithms.

So, rather do this, you can find SEO expert with experience in hand on working various SEO projects in past.

If you are planning to hire your Local SEO in your area,

As you are living in one of the world’s most busiest city of a developed country (Click here to check out top 10 World’s busiest cities), it is crowded with lots of SEO services, obviously with high prices which you may not affordable.

Even if you can find SEO services which can offer you low-cost SEO services from one of the world’s busiest city, it may NOT offer you highly professional and more dedicated services; the reason is, usually living cost on busiest cities tend to be comparatively very high. So, SEO services in such busiest cities may not afford with their low cost offers, but at initially to get new clients, they may give you such low cost offer and may not be dedicated for your SEO projects on long run and waste your time as well as money. If you can do some searches about this on Google, you can find-out the truth.

So, it is NOT wise to go ahead with your local area SEO consultants (Specially if you are in one of the world’s busiest city in a developed country). If so, what is your next option? It is very obvious, hire some SEO consultants with massive experiences and successful projects from developing countries because, they can deliver you high professional services with their experiences and skills, they can easily afford low-cost services for you with lower budgets compare to high budget in your local area SEO companies, as far as living cost of developing countries are lower than living cost of developed countries comparatively.

Yes, We are from developing country and we are dedicated SEO expert team with most experienced and high skilled SEO manager as our team leader. Click here to contact us and start working on your SEO project and get more business for you.

At last but not least what is our goal?

“Your success is our goal, We are always here to help you to get more success for you and your business”