E-commerce Website Optimization for Google

As the years passed, there are more and more internet users and as change of life style, people wants everything with a single click. That is what the trend set by the technical advancement. This trend urges the local retail sellers and corner shops too go online and sell the products online via their e-commerce website. Listing the products online, and offering the easy to deal with design along with high security system for payment gateway, are not enough to get success. It is vital to do e-commerce website optimisation for search engines to get more clicks & sales.

When it comes to optimising e-commerce website for search engines, there are two important aspects to be considered, such as

  1. Product Optimisation
  2. Category Optimisation

Product Optimisation

1.1 Product Content Optimisation

It is important to have the content that consists of features, benefits and other details about the product. It is recommended to go after Google on finding the best keyword, specially the long tail keyword relevant to the product and optimise the content for that keyword.

1.2 Product Title Optimisation

It is must to use some header tags for Product Titles and it is vital to use the target keyword on product title.

1.3 Product Meta Title and Meta Description Optimisation

Not only the product title to display within header tag, it is important to optimise the meta title for the product. It should be unique & should contain the website brand name on it to ensure the branding is carried along with the web pages of the site. The meta title should have at least 60 characters on it as most of the search engines read only the first 60 characters of the meta title.

On the other hand, it is important to include the target keyword within meta description too. And it is wise to limit the meta description to 160 characters. Also, the meta description should have some call of actions (mostly Google uses meta description as the description on their search results page).

Category Optimisation

There should be product category pages on an e-commerce website. It is suggested to have more content on category pages and create some inner links for the specific relevant product pages from the category page. Also, for the chosen keyword the category page can be optimised.

It is highly recommended to hire an experienced SEO consultant when optimising your e-commerce website for Google or other search engines.

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Content of an Online Marketing Strategy for Local Businesses

About few years back there was a time that small local businesses were able to get more new businesses with the help of pay per click (or cost per click) and local SEO (the local search engine optimisation was possible with few links). But days moved, the market expanded, technology moved forward, more competitors came in, tastes & needs of customers become more demanding, Google often changes algorithm – all these caused the local businesses to think beyond what are they doing and forced business to develop & implement a dynamic marketing (online) strategy to be stable on the market. Let’s discuss on few areas that the local businesses should take care in order to be a successful business in their local area.

Their Website, Content & Being Mobile Friendly

Websites should be easy to use, easy to navigate and should have search facility. It is vital to load the pages quickly, if the website is slow, visitors will easily move to other sites, as they do not have to waste even a single second on a website which does not load quickly.

A website should give all details of a particular product or services which it offers/sells. Having good content and keep on adding more content via blog is highly recommended. Also, it is must to understand that one picture is equal to thousand words. Having content with images and videos are worth a lot and engage more visitors with the site; usually people do not like to read big paragraphs rather they like to check out the videos and images to learn more. Overall, educating your visitors on your services is very important to covert them as your customers.

Always think of your customers’ point of view and write well detailed answer for those questions which may think to ask, through blog post or any other methods on your site.

Also, do not forget to communicate with existing customers by emailing a newsletter and engage them into your offers by offering various promotions.

Day by day people are moving to mobile phones to browse internet than desktop devices. A business should take this into account and optimize the website for mobile devices too.

Facebook, Twitter and so on

There are tons of social media networks in the market now, but there are few most popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. Having an official profile on such social networks and keep on updating the profiles/fan pages/blogs with useful information definitely make more people to engage with you.

Using Videos

Videos speak a lot than writing, YouTube is the second best place where people used to search (the first best place goes to Google). Having videos explaining and demonstrating about your products & services and promoting them on Youtube is a vital part of a successful online marketing strategy.

Finally, small businesses should NOT forget Google organic traffic (specially traffic from local searches). That is a major traffic source for many many businesses and if you get help from an experienced and skilled SEO consultant like EtheeEQ SEO Services, they may guide you properly by following Google guidelines and may help you to get TOP RANKS for your local searches and get more traffic from Google.

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Understanding and Participating in SEO Project

Setting measurable targets is vital during your SEO project. Usually SEO agencies deliver weekly or monthly reports on,

  • Backlinks that they created for the week/month
  • Changes made to your website pages
  • Details of added content to your website
  • Changes in current ranks for target keywords
  • Updates to social media

Even everything on such reports are important for you, it is better to give more attention to the changes on your ranks for target keywords. If there are any improvements on ranks that is a good sign of the progress. If there are any decrements on ranks – You should question your SEO consultant to explain the reason. Sometimes, in the middle of the project, your ranks may drop down and may not be on a stable position which is called “Google Dance”. Anyhow, by getting more backlinks and keep on improving optimization, ranks can be improved to better and stable positions.

You may find it difficult to translate/understand the delivered report if the reports are not user-friendly and with lots of technical things. In that case, you should ask for explanation and get better understanding on what is delivered and make sure that your project is moving forward with positive impact.

It may take about one to two months to get your website to listed for your target keywords. For some keywords it may take more time, all it depends on competition. Anyhow, if you notice there is a rank drop and no more improvements for few months, you should contact your consultant and discuss on what to do next to take the project forward. On such case, you may hold on paying them until they improve your ranks on search engine results.


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What to expect from a SEO expert during SEO project

Search engine optimisation is a part of internet marketing other than PPC, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, and so on). Many business owners get valuable business leads through search engines rather than other internet marketing methods. Organic traffic is free from search engines but the website should be properly optimized to get top ranks for the target key-phrases. You can always hire a SEO expert to help you on getting your website optimized for search engines like Google. You may read few things to note before hiring a SEO consultant on my previous post. Let us discuss on what to expect from a professional search engine optimisation consultant during the project.

Usually, before starting project, you may get their proposal with all details such as

  1. A review/audit on your current website design.
  2. Suggestions & recommendations to make your website design to be search engine friendly.
  3. Keyword research – recommendations of suitable keywords that has good amount of monthly search volume.
  4. List of On-Page SEO changes.
  5. Initial Month link building plan.
  6. Monthly link building plan.
  7. Cost details, duration & R.O.I details.

If you are happy with such proposal, you may accept their offer and start working on. On acceptance of the project. You should discuss with the keywords and finalize the keywords that your search engine optimisation consultant should optimise. Then, your SEO agency may require to sign contract and require small amount of initial fee.

Once the contract is on play, your SEO expert should start working on your project and you can get weekly updates on what is going around on your SEO project. To make your communication more easier, it is recommended to have their e-mail, telephone number, Skype and other online messengers details. Most of the professional SEO companies offer customer support via all the above mentioned ways as far as they know the value of the customer and value of the customers’ businesses. There are some firms send weekly reports and there are others send monthly reports. These reports explains the changes that they make to your website settings (mostly on-page SEO settings), adding content and so on. Other than that, the reports include the backlinks created for your website and most important changes on your ranks for the agreed keyword set. Changes on rank is very important on your view as that is going to give you more businesses and other things are more technical things. But there are SEO consultants who explain in detail about their report and make you understand those report easily and quickly.

Likewise, as months will have passed, you may be able to see improvements on your ranks as well as get more business leads. But you have to understand that a website cannot be optimized for search engines overnight, even not within one or two months. It takes time. But you should make sure there is improvements on your ranks. if not, you should clarify with your SEO contractor for the reason and sort it out as a team.

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3 Tips To Follow Before Hiring SEO Expert

Small businesses may not afford the SEO fees charge by big SEO companies in London. But of course, we have SEO package for everyone, big or small we work for every budgets as we know the value of our clients and their businesses. We as the best SEO Expert London, always support our customers and we are a team with customer-orientation. Lets see few considerations that small businesses have to follow before hiring their SEO consultant.

Have clear ideas about your business goals. For example, “Get $$$$ sales within next 2 years”, “Get stable position in the market within next 2 years”, “Become market leader within next two years in your own city/county” and etc. Once you determine your business goals, you have to question yourself how search engine optimization can help you to reach those goals? Search engine optimization helps to get top ranks for your target keywords and by do so, you can expect more sales (you have to make sure keyword research is properly completed to do so) as well as expect any other kind of growth. To get some better idea, you can consultant a SEO expert for no obligation meeting OR you may post your question on any SEO forums where people may help you.

As a business owner, you should have ideas of some local online directories available. Example : Yell.com, Google Directory Listing and etc. It is recommended to register with those directories and add your website with them.

Having social network profiles. These days everyone has Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest accounts themselves. It is better to have the business accounts on those social media websites and link your website with it.

Once you are ready, hire a SEO expert London to help with your SEO project. You may have to consider few tips on hiring such SEO agency – To do so, read my another post on this topic.

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Outsource your SEO Project

Search engine optimization is very important for businesses to maintain and/or improve their position in the market. These days many people go online to search for whatever they need and try to find out everything online. People use online search engines like Google to find such things. For an example, a person who is in London, is in need to get an apartment in Ilford area. He/she may search like “Apartments for rent Ilford” on Google and satisfy his/her needs. So, if you are a business, it is must to improve your online presence, specially on search engines. You may not have more ideas and technical skill that require to optimize a website for Google or other search engines. So, you have to outsource your SEO project to other person who is an expert on this. You may need help from search engine optimization consultant. When you outsource your SEO project, you have to take few points into account.

Find a reliable SEO agency :

There are many people who claim themselves as SEO expert but they may not have enough skills and experience to get TOP rankings on Google. Hiring a reliable SEO agency is the must to get success on your SEO project. When you find someone, check out their about us, testimonials and other pages as well as ask them for references and proven track of record to make sure that they are good at SEO.

You can find SEO consultants with a single Google search like SEO expert London – this will display list of SEO experts in London who had already proved themselves and are on page one. They may do same thing for your website and bring your site to top results.

Price :

Price is one of the important factor for small businesses. SEO companies in London charge more fees, but you should not forget that there are international SEO experts too in the London market. By checking about us page of the websites that you find, you can get to know their location and in most of the cases, you may notice that international SEO experts charge less fees compare to local London SEO consultants. Because, the operational cost, the labor cost & other costs in some countries are comparatively lower than UK. As a result, SEO consultant from those countries may require you to invest less amount in SEO.

It is highly recommended to keep your budget to low and make the search engine optimization project to be long term. By do so, you can cover your cost at the same time, get top ranks. Also you have to be aware that it is not possible to get your website to top rankings within very short period.


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