Content of an Online Marketing Strategy for Local Businesses

About few years back there was a time that small local businesses were able to get more new businesses with the help of pay per click (or cost per click) and local SEO (the local search engine optimisation was possible with few links). But days moved, the market expanded, technology moved forward, more competitors came in, tastes & needs of customers become more demanding, Google often changes algorithm – all these caused the local businesses to think beyond what are they doing and forced business to develop & implement a dynamic marketing (online) strategy to be stable on the market. Let’s discuss on few areas that the local businesses should take care in order to be a successful business in their local area.

Their Website, Content & Being Mobile Friendly

Websites should be easy to use, easy to navigate and should have search facility. It is vital to load the pages quickly, if the website is slow, visitors will easily move to other sites, as they do not have to waste even a single second on a website which does not load quickly.

A website should give all details of a particular product or services which it offers/sells. Having good content and keep on adding more content via blog is highly recommended. Also, it is must to understand that one picture is equal to thousand words. Having content with images and videos are worth a lot and engage more visitors with the site; usually people do not like to read big paragraphs rather they like to check out the videos and images to learn more. Overall, educating your visitors on your services is very important to covert them as your customers.

Always think of your customers’ point of view and write well detailed answer for those questions which may think to ask, through blog post or any other methods on your site.

Also, do not forget to communicate with existing customers by emailing a newsletter and engage them into your offers by offering various promotions.

Day by day people are moving to mobile phones to browse internet than desktop devices. A business should take this into account and optimize the website for mobile devices too.

Facebook, Twitter and so on

There are tons of social media networks in the market now, but there are few most popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. Having an official profile on such social networks and keep on updating the profiles/fan pages/blogs with useful information definitely make more people to engage with you.

Using Videos

Videos speak a lot than writing, YouTube is the second best place where people used to search (the first best place goes to Google). Having videos explaining and demonstrating about your products & services and promoting them on Youtube is a vital part of a successful online marketing strategy.

Finally, small businesses should NOT forget Google organic traffic (specially traffic from local searches). That is a major traffic source for many many businesses and if you get help from an experienced and skilled SEO consultant like EtheeEQ SEO Services, they may guide you properly by following Google guidelines and may help you to get TOP RANKS for your local searches and get more traffic from Google.