Search Engine Optimisation Consultant – What We do?

We at EtheeEQ SEO services, What we do? How we can help you to get top ranks on search engines like Google as one of the best search engine optimisation consultant in the world. We do not hide anything to our clients. We are more open on what we do. We do what we say.  So, let us explain in simple steps on the processes during your SEO project with us.

Step 1 :

You send us request for proposal (by filling the form on the right-hand side of the site or via our SEO Quote page or via contact us page)

Step 2:

We will get back to you with a proposal to you with detailed keyword analysis, competitor analysis, R.O.I analysis etc.

Step 3:

You are happy with our proposal and start to work with us on your SEO project & we will do a complete web audit and deliver the changes to make to your site (on-page SEO) & we will implement the changes too.

Step 4:

We will setup official profiles which are dedicated to your site only on various social media/social network websites to enhance your online presence.

Step 5:

We will develop monthly link building strategy and work on it. We will update official social media/social network profiles with frequent updates. Also, we will update your site blog with well-written posts to add more content to your website.

By following these simple steps, we will be able to bring your website to top ranks on Google and we always monitor your site performance and help you to reach your strategic goals. Also, not only helping you with search engine optimisation, we offer recommendations and suggestions to develop your business more. As a professional team lead by well experienced search engine optimisation consultant we value and understand the part of communication during the SEO project. We are always available online, via phone and e-mail for quick contact.