Search Engine Optimisation Services

These days businesses are in a position of hiring search engine optimisation services to improve and enhance their online presence for their businesses. Even though there are possibilities to have in-house search engine optimisation consultants, such consultants may not have up-to-date knowledge and skills on what is going around the industry. Also, they may not have much ideas on how to face sudden ranks drop due to algorithm changes of search engines (example : Google panda, Google penguin, Google hummingbird). On the other hand, external search engine optimisation experts who do SEO for many clients from many industries, definitely will have regular updates which is going around the industry and always have a solution for any changes in search engine results.

How we deal with you? How do you have to initialize your SEO project with us?

Once you initialize the communication with us via any forms in our websites (or via phone call) with your website URL, details of target market, some keyword ideas, few website addresses of your competitors, your monthly budget to invest with our quality search engine optimisation service and etc. We will give you the best SEO proposal which matches your monthly budget. Our proposal usually includes :

  1. A detailed keyword research based on given facts (by you)
  2. Recommendation of keywords to target to get top ranks on popular search engine Google
  3. Basic competitor analysis
  4. Outline plan for the entire SEO project
  5. Time frame
  6. Number of keywords that we may bring to top ranking within the estimated time period and etc

Once your SEO project is initialized with us, we will do a complete web audit and recommend the changes to be made to your site to make it more search engine friendly (and user-friendly). Apart from that, we will make sure your online presence on various other popular sites as well. Then, we will start to working on monthly basis which includes regular content updates to your website and link building. Also, you will get regular updates weekly and/or monthly on progress of your SEO project with us in terms of keyword rankings, traffic, links gained for your website etc.

Why to choose us for search engine optimisation services :

  1. So far we have dealt with many clients from different industries and from different countries. (Expanded experience)
  2. Have excellent search engine optimisation skills (on-page and off-page)
  3. Experiences on handling algorithm changes (specially Google penguin penalty removal)
  4. Lead by well experienced and skilled SEO expert who is in the interent marketing/search engine optimisation industry since year 2007
  5. Always follow Google guidelines to optimise websites for search engines
  6. Always follow white-hat SEO practices
  7. Clearly explain to our clients on what we are going to do
  8. Deliver easy to understand reports (weekly or monthly – depends on request)
  9. Get top ranking on popular search engines
  10. Always aim your goals
  11. Available on various devices for quick and constant communications