Terms & Conditions

“EtheeEQ SEO Service”, provides its services to you, the Client, subject to terms and conditions. By getting service from “EtheeEQ SEO Service”, you are agreeing all the terms and conditions below.
Please note that, “EtheeEQ SEO Service” will be referred by the phrases the “EtheeEQ Service Provider” below.

  • The client understands that search engines are independent companies who select and rank sites using their own criteria. Whilst the client must follow EtheeEQ Service Provider’s recommendations for optimising its website for search engine listing in order to maximise its chances of increasing its search engine exposure. The client acknowledges that EtheeEQ Service Provider does not and cannot guarantee that the client’s website ranking will be improved in any search engine listing.
  • The client agrees not to use other service provider parallel to EtheeEQ Service Provider, for Google search engine optimisation service.
  • The client shall pay the monthly fee every month (as directed by EtheeEQ Service Provider), the first payment (small amount of payment which is determined by EtheeEQ Service Provider, to cover the administration costs) being due on confirmation of the SEO plan & sign contract with us. Subsequent payments being due on same day of each month on deliver of the reports and invoice for the month from us.
  • EtheeEQ Service Provider will submit (an) invoice(s) to the client at an email address specified by the Client. All invoices must be paid within 7 days of receipt of such emailed invoice.
  • The client shall not use any dispute, discontinuation of its website, claim and/or counterclaim as reason for withholding of any payment due.
  • The client understands that payments made are not refundable.
  • EtheeEQ Service Provider reserves the right to terminate the services at anytime with immediate effect.
  • The client may terminate the service at any time by giving two weeks notice in writing.
  • EtheeEQ Service Provider shall not liable for any lost profits, lost opportunity, indirect, special exemplary, consequential, incidental or punitive damages whatsoever.
  • EtheeEQ Service Provider reserves rights to alter these terms and conditions at anytime without any notice.